Mistakes thus far

Mistakes thus Far

When moving to a new place mistakes are bound to happen, some are from assumptions, some are from a complete and utter language barrier and some are just well, good 'ole fashion mistakes. In our 1st foray at the grocery store, we had wanted to acquire some butter. Not wanting a huge container, … [Read more...]

It’s raining leaves

Fall Leaves

Amazing to watch Fall come upon Berlin. When we arrived almost 2 weeks ago Fall hadn't decided if it was time yet, the time has arrived. The trees are all turning golden and when the wind picks up it rains leaves - a spectacular sight! Interestingly not much red or orange leaves happening just gold, … [Read more...]

Hearing the music

Musicians are very prevalent here. There are street performers all over the place: in front of little shops,  riding on the U-Bahn, standing on the street corners, playing at the flea market...playing everything from classical music to Beatles to random who knows what. Beyond just the musicians, … [Read more...]

“House Hunters International” – Berlin

After around 50 online requests from each of us and 2 gruelling days travelling by foot, bike, S-bahn and U-bahn we have 3 viable options so far: address distance rent / month rooms ready duration limit deposit / comm. room-mates Mittenwalder Straße 10 (Sue) 6,3km / 1h 19min walk* 800€ 3 (very … [Read more...]

We have arrived

We've been in Berlin for a week now and while I had wanted to post more often, the internet gods have not been kind to us. I think I will be making several mini-posts to archive some interesting and some not-so-interesting information for those that might be moving aboard. Having already missed a … [Read more...]