Crafty days and good deals

Chocolate Chunk Bars

I adore having time to do some of the things I love: crocheting and baking. Last week we went over to Jesse and Jenni's for dinner and Andrew said I should bring chocolate chips cookies. Kein Problem, er, wait everything is weighed here...not a cup flour (and they wouldn't have a "cup" anyway) … [Read more...]

Baby steps


Today we had to re-register at the B├╝rgeramt (the Municipal Office) with our new address. I thought it was ridiculous that every time you move you have to go to your local office and re-register within 10 days, then Andrew reminded me that technically DMV has the same the rule. Our 1st time doing … [Read more...]

What on earth is that?


Dining at a fondue place the other night, they had this little strange looking tomato-esque veggie/fruit thing as decoration on our plates. Rather tasty...sweet at first then more tomato-y at the end. Tonight walking home, we noticed the local market had these strange little alien pods on sale for … [Read more...]

A room with a view, kinda


Sadly, I didn't catch anyone smoking today. There may be good reason as it is about 40 degrees outside. Here is the view from our kitchen, taken with me hanging out the window. Very typical looking Berlin street on a quite afternoon. Things will start getting a bit busier as the schools let out and … [Read more...]

Some loves and some not


We've been here almost a month and it totally doesn't feel like it, maybe a week but not 4 weeks. I am sure that since things have been somewhat hectic time will correct itself, at some point, maybe. We are settling in nicely to our new flat although not really looking forward to moving again in 6 … [Read more...]