Frohe Weihnacten!

christmas 001small

Or Merry Christmas - a bit late. This Christmas was really great, different but great. I had wanted to get some semblance of a Christmas tree but since we were moving 3 days after Christmas, we didn't want to go crazy so at Ikea they had this metal "tree" so I made all to ornaments - it's less than … [Read more...]

Leaving on a jet train


We took our 1st mini get-away on an ICE train (one of the world's fastest trains) to Düsseldorf and Cologne; it was Andrew's 1st train trip too. Traveling by train is so security, no baggage lines just hop on the train, find a seat and relax. The tickets are open so we could have gone … [Read more...]

Thar be hills…or hill


A couple weeks ago Andrew and I took a bike ride just trying to get to know our neighborhood in Kreuzberg when we stumbled upon an actual hill!! Berlin is deliciously flat which is fantastic for bike rides but not so great on seeing the cityscape. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with the sun … [Read more...]