36…what does it mean?

In our travels around town and in particular our neighborhood, we’ve noticed that many of the establishments have 36 written at the end of their name like: Currywurst 36, Eis 36, etc. At first, we thought that it was the number in their chain but we have seen it too often for that to be the case. Today the mystery was solved. Apparently 36 used to be the postal code for our neighborhood of Kreuzburg.

On Saturday Justin, Andrew’s cousin, was in town and we got to hang out for the day. We were looking for an ice cream place and stumbled onto Eis 36, a little hole in the wall place that we’ve passed dozens of times. It has this huge window overlooking…nothing but still frames the place nicely. Inside they have funky mis-matched furniture, random paintings, even an old airline seat with seat belts, and, of course, they play cool funky beats.

We liked it so much we went back again today for some ice cream, cake and coffee. Like most places around here I think they make their own ice cream. I got Zitrone & Minze (Lemon Mint) made with fresh lemons and fresh mint – it was amazing but will be mind-blowing come a hot summer day – so refreshing. The cake fascinated me, it was a cheesecake with a huge meringue topping…quite tasty. It was nice just to sit and relax to some cool tunes. My only regret is not finding this place sooner.