A perfect winter Sunday


We've had some snow this week but Sunday we really got some! Just walking to the train which is about 1.3 blocks away, we look like we had been flocked. It was snowing so hard that at several of the semi-indoor train stations it was snowing, inside. We were heading to 2 different Christmas markets … [Read more...]

Hamburg in 6 hours or less


Berlin has this super cool train ticket on the weekends called Schönes-Wochenende in which 5 people can travel round-trip for 40 euro. The down side is you have to do all your traveling in 1 day. My cousin Erin was here visiting and we wanted to take a day trip...so off to Hamburg we went. … [Read more...]

36…what does it mean?


In our travels around town and in particular our neighborhood, we've noticed that many of the establishments have 36 written at the end of their name like: Currywurst 36, Eis 36, etc. At first, we thought that it was the number in their chain but we have seen it too often for that to be the case. … [Read more...]



It is snowing...sorta, more like confused frozen sprinkles floating in the air. We actually got a bit of accumulation last night maybe an inch or so but I will take it. I am on the fence of wanting some real snow as I fear it will just get icy and icy is never fun unless you drinking one :) We had … [Read more...]



We had a perfect Sunday. We headed to our favorite cafe for an amazing breakfast and a lap or so around the flea market. Jesse met up with us as we were finally going to check out this game store that allows you to play games and rent them. It exceeded every possible expectation we collectively … [Read more...]