Diese sind nicht Hausschuhen (These are not slippers)

Germans are a funny bunch. They are very particular are about dressing appropriately for the season, never mind what the actual temperature is…if it is winter you wear your heavy winter coat and your industrial strength boots. To be fair, I am sure we look ridiculous to Germans, without a doubt – I mean when we arrived here last October and we had the audacity to be wearing shorts and flip-flips, oh the looks. A few weeks ago we had a bit of a “heat wave” it got up to about 45° compared to the low 30s it had been in and people are still bundled for the “frozageddon” that is surely coming at any moment. Both Andrew and I love the cold, I finally broke down and turned on the heat when our flat was about 57° – bear in mind our rent includes heating, so it’s not a matter of frugality but we generally really do like the cold.

That being said, I have come to realize I have a range of what is comfortable, and it depends entirely on if I have to wear my industrial strength boots. For those that know me well, know that I have freakishly hot feet, when we lived in San Diego I lived 98% of the year in flip-flops. Living here I have succumbed to wearing “real” shoes, within reason. I have a bit of a love affair going on with my Go Walks…where, oh, where have you been all my life. When I was stateside I made the investment in a several pairs. Normally I hate spending money on shoes but given the fact that we walk or ride our bikes everywhere, I bit the bullet. At the Sketchers store I bought a pair of black and pink plaid Go Walks that were actually lined, I thought – perfect for winter! So I have taken to wearing them, 100% of the time I wear them I get comments to the effect of, why are you wearing your houseshoes/slippers outside?! To which I respond, these are NOT slippers, granted this is all auf Deutsch. Had I thought for a 1/2 second before buying them, I would have remembered that most German hausschuhen (slippers) are…plaid. Oh well, I can walk forever in them, they never hurt my feet and they are plenty warm enough…most days.