Pergamon, Ishtar and other ancient things

Scale model of Babylon

The other weekend was supposedly a "free" museum weekend in Berlin...lies, I tell you. Well, at least the museum we wanted to see wasn't free, The Pergamon. For those not up on your ancient history, here is a link to read more but the micro-version is Pergamon was a city in ancient Greece that was … [Read more...]

Hamburg in 6 hours or less


Berlin has this super cool train ticket on the weekends called Schönes-Wochenende in which 5 people can travel round-trip for 40 euro. The down side is you have to do all your traveling in 1 day. My cousin Erin was here visiting and we wanted to take a day off to Hamburg we went. … [Read more...]

Long overdue….

My residence permit

This post is long overdue, actually about 5 posts are overdue but I can only write one at time. So I finally got my residence permit it involved many things including a charming translator, a dude in the back of a motor home and some shady health insurance. To recap for those that might not be … [Read more...]

36…what does it mean?


In our travels around town and in particular our neighborhood, we've noticed that many of the establishments have 36 written at the end of their name like: Currywurst 36, Eis 36, etc. At first, we thought that it was the number in their chain but we have seen it too often for that to be the case. … [Read more...]

Are you kidding me?!


So we've been trying to get our residence permit and have hit a road block. I am so beyond frustrated that I want to scream and go punch someone. Germany requires you to have health insurance in order to get the residence permit - sure, fine, whatever, great. We applied for said health insurance and … [Read more...]