It is snowing...sorta, more like confused frozen sprinkles floating in the air. We actually got a bit of accumulation last night maybe an inch or so but I will take it. I am on the fence of wanting some real snow as I fear it will just get icy and icy is never fun unless you drinking one :) We had … [Read more...]



We had a perfect Sunday. We headed to our favorite cafe for an amazing breakfast and a lap or so around the flea market. Jesse met up with us as we were finally going to check out this game store that allows you to play games and rent them. It exceeded every possible expectation we collectively … [Read more...]

Our new digs

berlinNew Flat 001

We moved upstairs at the end of December and it took us a bit of time to get settled - we are extremely happy here. This flat is much larger and more open which is a wonderful thing. The landlord has lots and lots of things, we boxed up a lot and will probably box some more once I get more boxes. I … [Read more...]

Marheineke Markthalle


Today we finally checked out the Market Hall near our flat. This a rather large enclosed shopping area with several micro-restaurants and lots of vendors selling meats, cheeses, fruits/veg, bread and random other food goods. I about fell over at the prices, I knew I was spoiled from the Turkish … [Read more...]

Turkish (Market) Delights!


One of my absolute favorite things about living here are the Turkish Markets. There are several around town, some are small, open every day and a few others are open only 1 or 2 days a week that are quite large. My market of choice is off Maybachufer which is not terribly far from our flat. It's … [Read more...]