Sprin-ter or something like that

Last year we were constantly reminded the winter was unseasonably mild. I had no frame of reference other than my winter in Minnesota when I was in my early 20s which happened to have been the coldest in 25 years, so by comparison I agreed that last winter was most likely “mild” by all accounts. This winter has been all over the map. We had some heavy snowfall early in the season then not much of note after that, a couple inches here and there, more dustings really. Then this past week week we’ve had several days of fairly decent accumulation, so much so that I’ve seen many a decent snowman abound. Funny how universal that truth is.

Also unusual is that I’ve been super cold. In part I think it’s due to the new heating system in our flat, not 100% it’s functioning quite as well as everyone had hoped. To be fair, it’s only been in the low 30s which normally doesn’t make me flinch but not sure if it is because it’s been snowing for so many days in a row or what but I am to the bone cold. So not even close to normal for me.

I was hoping that going back to the States for a couple weeks would ease the length of winter, make it more bearable but I think it made me realize how miserable this winter has been. I was relieved to find out that this has been the darkest winter in 43 years for Germany, especially when I started getting S.A.D before we went back the States. Andrew for whatever reason seems less effected by the lack of sunlight.

I am longing for the days of sitting outside in cafes, picnicking by the canal and not having to gear-up to go outside. It’s officially Spring but Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo yet.